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J&A, West Midlands

Initially I was a little apprehensive, but from the course I learnt that:I’m not as perfect as I thought. It was good to spend time solely on our relationship with no distractions. It made me appreciate my husband and what we have more. I realised I was more attacking than I thought I was, I am going to work on this


M&A, Milton Keynes

Some of our friends thought we were the model couple, but behind there were several points of contention, blame, anger, sulking and disharmony. Since inviting Bens help & support, we've basically started again and the connection between us is now real, and stronger than it's ever been before and growing by the week!

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J&K, London

Ben had been working with my partner for some time before we were ready to marry. Ben helped us get all of the right things in place before we married. Life has been amazing ever since. Thank you Ben

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