Online Marriage Course: 5 Pillars of a Successful Marriage

Not sure if you're ready for marriage support?​

We've created a FIVE video series for people just like you. It's a gentle look at 5 pillars that we consider essential for a happy marriage. You get to watch together, or apart; take notes, or not; make small changes straight away, or investigate and explore further. You get to take this at your own pace and in your own way. Doesn't that sound nice? 

We get it, marriage support doesn't sound fun or exciting. In fact it sounds hard work -- and it is! But our online marriage course gives you a small insight -- and actually you will have fun.

We've had so much great feedback; people have made small changes which have already made a big difference to their marriage.

Feedback from the course:


Jordan: "After 6 years of marriage H and I had the deepest conversation we've ever had, after the first video! Just one week in. Can't wait for next weeks"


Catherine: "After years of trying my fiance was suddenly starting to really listen to me"

We'd love to hear from you and the changes that occur in your marriage too


Get instant access to the course right now (including our bonus video on intimacy and being present) simply pop in your email address and hey presto

The 5 Pillar Online Marriage Course is perfect for those who want change in their marriage but are too afraid to get face to face help.

We recommend watching one a week (every Monday for example) so that you can start to implement a learning over that week. We often leave you with some homework too so it's best not to rush it.


Take your time; your marriage needs that. Enjoy it; you both need that. And if you have questions during or afterwards you can email us anytime.

The Online Marriage Course Covers


  • ​Why most marriages fail

  • How to have a fruitful marriage

  • Two of the biggest passion killers: fear and anger

  • Working better together in and out of the home

  • Love maps; the importance of really knowing each other and how to go about it

We also created a bonus video which answers some of the common issues that people have wanted to hear more of since they watched the online course. Some of these subjects include: 

  • Intimacy

  • Women asking for what they want

  • Anger

  • Being present

The Cost

We value our online course at £250 but its free until lockdown ends as our gift to you

This price includes 5 videos plus the bonus closer look video. And if you go on to take up any of our other services such as our Marriage Coaching, or our Marriage Retreat then we'll refund the price of the online course back to you!

So really you've nothing to lose; and such a lot to gain. 

Have questions? Want to book? call The Marriage People now to talk it all through

Get instant access to the course right now (including our bonus video on intimacy and being present) simply pop in your email address and hey presto