8 Week Bullet Proof Marriage Home-study Programme

The programme is for you if...

  • You are in a relationship that finds really listening and communicating hard

  • Couples that are often on different pages when it comes to sex, money and parenting

  • Wives that feel overwhelmed and find juggling everything a constant struggle

  • Couples that are distant and don’t recognise each other anymore

  • Couples that are already doing a good job and would like to take a step towards great

Feedback from the course:


N&B (Anonymity preserved): "This shared knowledge & insight into how to live a more loving, peaceful & authentic life. Challenged me  to question my current beliefs (self & of others) to enable me to look at myself & others in a less biased, more productive, honest & loving way"


T&D (Anonymity preserved): "To have someone who understands you and helps guide you through the massive ups and downs of a marriage and gives a different perspective is a huge Relief that I'm not alone."

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The 8 week programme is perfect for those who want change in their marriage but are too afraid to get face to face help.

We recommend taking your time to answer all of the questions in full and that you participate fully in all assignments.


Take your time; your marriage needs that. Enjoy it; you both need that. And if you have questions during or afterwards you can email us anytime.

The 8 week bullet proof programme covers

The course covers 8 different mandatory areas that your marriage must work through, if you want to build one that doesn’t just survive but thrives.


What will the course do for me?

This course will help you to:

  • Eliminate anger from the home

  • Support you to have more impactful conversations about sensitive topics that are all too easily avoided

  • Help women stop putting themselves as the last priority

  • Help men understand what it means to not put themselves first all of the time

What’s modules are included?

  • How to build a solid foundation

  • How to eradicate fear

  • How to own our mistakes and move forward with them

  • How to really understand your partners love language

  • How to make excellent choices as a couple not just as individuals

  • Find real gratitude for the things in your life that most families take for granted

  • And much more…

The Cost

We have put into this programme around 10000 hours of real time experience helping people and couples get more of what they want from their lives.

Here at the marriage people we witness the extraordinary cost of divorce running into the tens of thousands of pounds, not to mention the cost to family life and the impact on children.

If followed diligently in this programme your marriage could really be renewed and strengthened in a way that the word divorce will never enter your home.


For just £99.98 you can download your copy right now and give your partner the gift of a lifetime – a bullet proof relationship.

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