Our Story

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Kerry and Ben have three children (aged 7, 5 and 2). They live in the forest of Dean where they coach individuals and couples toward a happier, more fulfilling life.

Together they've faced many trials. In 2013 Ben's property business collapsed leaving them with over £100,000 of personal debt. They were weeks away from getting married. They had to leave their home, ask family to cover the costs of their own food at the wedding and start their life from scratch. 

But it doesn't take a big loss to make or break a couple. Kerry and Ben were already strong; they had support, they knew one another extremely well and they loved one another deeply. This love and strength got them through this tough financial time as well as through post-natal depression, 6 house moves, and 3 babies. Kerry & Ben's marriage has remained their number one priority which they believe is key to a successful relationship. 

We (Ben and Kerry - nope, not Ben & Jerry...) founded The Marriage People in January of 2018 when I (Kerry) was about to give birth to our third baby. 

Since then I've fallen in love with writing on the subjects of love, family and wellness whilst Ben continues his amazing coaching work - with couples who are in need of marriage guidance and support. 

Our philosophy: Marriage is hard. But it can also be beautiful. A strong and happy marriage changes a family; strong and happy families change the world.

Our mission: Decrease the number of lonely married people, increase the number of world changers with expert marriage guidance that helps couples realise their potential.

How Can We Help You?

  • We Listen

  • First you tell us what you feel are your biggest issues and challenges, what makes each of you tick and what you love - or loved - about one another

  • We look at your past and how this has shaped your choices today

  • We help you to see alternative choices, we support you to accept, appreciate and love your spouse better

  • We help you to be a good team, better listeners, better talkers

  • We give you the tools and the right level of emotional support which not only strengthens your marriage but gives you a stronger sense of purpose as individuals. 

  • We are experienced coaches with 10 years of life, business and relationship coaching behind us. Our unique style allows you to move through your current turmoil into a stronger, happier place quickly with long lasting results.

  • You already have the potential for a great marriage. You saw something special in one another when you first got into a relationship; you simply need reminding and re-shaping based on the people you are right now. A strong and happy marriage is just around the corner.