What some people we have worked with say about us....

Jane and Ian - Birmingham

Rosemary - Midlands

Rach & Jeff - South West

Matt and Anna - London

Jonathan - Bristol

Catherine - Yorkshire

“Ben is a fantastic coach – really easy to relate to and feel completely accepted and not judged. It is refreshing to have frank conversations about your relationship and it is really useful and reflective to do that in a safe environment with someone who isn’t your spouse! I have changed from the course by thinking about how empathetic I am being, by learning to listen again and trying not to react to my partners choices defensively”

Ginnie and Dan - Marlborough

“Some of our friends thought we were the model couple, working as a team and rarely arguing.  However, behind the scenes we existed together but there were several points of contention, blame, anger, sulking and disharmony. Since having an intervention our marriage has changed beyond description. We've basically started again and the connection between us is now real, and stronger than it's ever been before and growing by the week!” 

Anna & Matt -  Miton Keynes

“My husband and I became property investors in 2009, aiming to replace our income and provide ourselves with a comfortable pension rather than relying on the “not too wonderful” pensions from our jobs. We have now achieved this, and I am about to completely retire from teaching with a secure future, knowing that we will not have to reduce our standard of living in our retirement!
This all sounds idyllic but about 6 months ago, and to be honest for sometime before this, I felt there was something fundamental missing from the picture. I wasn’t experiencing the happiness/contentment/excitement I thought I would feel, and couldn’t really understand why.

I have been looking for happiness FOREVER and I could not describe that at the time. I feel cared for and happy in a way that I never thought possible, my marriage is my number one priority and all of the other baggage that I used to carry, well that has just fallen away. I feel light enough to fly.

Just do it – jump in feet first, Ben will guide you all the way”

Pat & Steve - Reading

“Initially I was a little apprehensive about doing this and thought it may feel a bit of a chore but I actually really enjoyed it! Ben was really easy to speak to, he listened to me really well.

From the course I learnt that:

I’m not as perfect as I thought ;0)

It was good to spend time solely on our relationship with no distractions

It made me appreciate my husband and what we have more.

I realised I was more attacking than I thought I was, I am going to work on this”

Abbey & Jon - Wokingham

“I can’t really put into words the difference I feel. Ben has been with me throughout. He has unconditionally loved me when I have been angry, tired,selfish,moody and also there to quietly appreciate and celebrate the utter peace and joy I have experienced. I am beginning to flourish more and more, to fill my skin.I am the most free and grateful I have ever been. I feel the most loved and loving I have ever been. I have felt the most pain I have ever felt and begun to really heal old wounds. It is the most immense experience of my life to date and through Ben I have been given the greatest gift ever, a future opportunity to be the person I always was.

There is no right time or way to ‘do’ this. It has taken a few leaps of faith and yet each time Ben’s love and guidance has been spot on as he has no motive other than my happiness..”

Katy - Bristol