Podcast - Stress freeDads

Men absolutely suck at creating opportunities to feel,

understand and share their emotions. 

But doing so creates essential nourishment for them.

Staying in the dark, leads to them feeling isolated, alone,

disconnected and miserable. 

Suicide is the biggest killer of men in the United Kingdom

and we decided to do something about that.

The transforming men call is a safe, consistent and trusting environment.

It is designed to open men up emotionally and spiritually, we do that by

having a mixture of silent/quiet/meditation time to help men get out of

their heads and into the present moment, where life really begins.

The main portion of the calls is spent with a topic for men to open up about.

Topics include, fear, stress, victimhood, being present, getting stuck in their

heads amongst others.

If you are wanting to come and try it out and want to remain anonymous you can dial in via mobile or landline and you can simply listen. Or dive in and show up using your device and video camera, it really does create a deeper experience for the participant. We would love to have you along, below are the details of the call.

There are some basic requirements to join the call so please contact us and we can give you the details.

Guidelines for the call:

  1. Connect

  2. Become present

  3. Be quiet

  4. Share themselves, with other men

It is not:

  1. A religious group

  2. A coaching or peer coaching group

  3. An opinion pole for people who need to be right 



  1. First 5 mins guys check in say Hi if they wish 

  2. Next 20 mins will be spent in silence

  3. Next 30 mins spent for a man to speak his issue through with the group

  4. Last 5 mins say our goodbyes and a final period of silence and contemplation, a chance to make some personal notes or observations

Rules of sharing

  1. Talk about yourself - try to avoid a lecture of the world according to you 

  2. Avoid long stories - keep sharing time ‘lean' and stick to the point

  3. No criticism or commentaries on a persons sharing

  4. Listen from your heart

Talking stick

  1. Speak up when you want to by saying your name or cyber name if you have one. When you are done sharing simply announce "I'm done"

  2. If you hear something that resonates with you, feel free to raise your hand as a gesture of “yup I get it, I have had or I am having that experience right now”

If you have any questions or would like to join us, please email Ben@themarriagepeople.co.uk

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