Work With The Marriage People

We have various ways of supporting you and your marriage. We know that every couple is different and so we are flexible in our approach to marriage support. Read our services and decide between you which is best.

We should also point out that not everyone approaches us as a couple, often it's just half of the couple who seeks support and guidance. This is common and we have a package for you also. 


Couples Coaching

Unless you live close enough to travel to us, this often takes place over Skype. We have weekly calls, joint and individually to give you both the support you need as people and as a couple. In between the calls you can reach out to us by email anytime. Don't stew on a problem until your next call, share it with your coach and receive even quicker guidance. 

Duration: Minimum 3 months
Cost: £350 per month
Benefits: We can start immediately, you'll work on your life as individuals as well as on your marriage, you have support of emails as well as Skype


Individual Coaching

Not all couples are ready for coaching. Often one half of the marriage just isn't comfortable with getting help. But that doesn't mean that things cannot change. We coach many individuals. We support you with all aspects of life, not just your relationship. We can guide you in business, other relationships, parenting, addiction, decisions, anything. Your marriage will improve as a result of you working on yourself, and so much more is possible.  

Duration: Minimum 3 months
Cost: £250 per month
Benefits: We can start immediately, you'll improve your marriage, you have support of emails as well as Skype


Marriage Retreat

The Marriage Retreat consists of 2 days spent here in the Forest of Dean where Ben (head coach) will work with you face to face in a more intensive structure. 

This works really well for people who want a quick breakthrough, or those who have experienced extreme difficulties. 

It removes you from your life's distractions forcing you to focus 100% on your marriage. We spend time listening, gently guiding and offering you tools to drastically improve your relationship. 

Duration: 2 Days (and we recommend 3 months follow up coaching)
Cost: £1,500
Benefits: 100% focus, quick transformation, beautiful surroundings distraction free

You and your marriage are unique, so if you don't think any of these packages suit you let us know. Your marriage and happiness are important -- and you are worth having success in both.

We absolutely love working with people, helping people and changing people's lives. Change doesn't happen overnight but it does happen. With time, new habits and a fresh new approach to your life and marriage, you can absolutely reach your potential.

We work with couples who either want to work it out or want to work a way out. Sometimes marriages are just too broken and the two of you need space, time and support to work out your next steps together and your following steps individually. You don't have to face any of this alone.


The Marriage People