Your Marriage Retreat


Do you want to see a change in your marriage quickly?​

The Marriage Retreat ​is a two night stay in the Forest of Dean where you'll work directly with lead coach Ben Leppier face to face; away from the distractions of your home.

The Marriage Retreat is perfect for those who want to re-discover themselves and their marriage. You'll be given the opportunity to explore the beautiful Forest of Dean together. You'll also spend up to 8 hours of therapeutic time with Ben.

During your time with Ben you'll be given new strategies to implement that work, be able to tell your partners what they simply have been unable or unwilling to hear, you will discover new things and have the chance to reset, start over, redefine how you feel about your partner and your marriage. And then you'll spend time together, working through your issues, your fears and your pain (and/or your partners) in a safe environment.

The Marriage Retreat is really special. It allows you to get to the core issues of your marriage really quickly so that you can start working your way out of them.

We believe you and your marriage need time and focus which is exactly what you get with The Marriage Retreat. Time with us, time just the two of you and time on your own.

We know this is scary, but getting to know one another again - really getting to know one another - is fun. Your time with Ben will be something you'll remeber forever, and something that will save and nourish your marriage.

The Marriage Retreat includes

  • 2 Night stay in a beautiful self catering cottage in the Forest of Dean

  • Up to 8 hours face to face time with head coach Ben Leppier

  • Time to address your biggest marriage issues

  • Time together

  • Time to work on yourself with Ben

The price for the two day Marriage Retreat is £895

This retreat is whole different kind of therapy, for a whole different kind of marriage. Have questions? Want to book? call The Marriage People now to talk it all through