The Head to Heart Transformation Experience

April 4th 2020
St Pierre, Chepstow, NP16 6YA

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A full day to go deeper into you. Uncover what is keeping you stuck or afraid of taking the next step towards that which you really want.


What does the day involve?


Almost all of us spend our lives in our head, listening to the thoughts which often tell us we’re not enough. Some of us are plagued by the past (and it’s mistakes or hurt) or terrified of what may or may not happen in the future. The fear, the drama, the victimhood are all head thoughts that do not serve us. When we recognise our thoughts, our pain and our fear we are able to step away from them, and gradually towards the freedom of the heart.


The head to heart transformation experience aims to do just that. You will:


  • Find more fulfilment in the relationships you have right now

  • Offload the emotional baggage that is holding you under the water line

  • Spend a day working on your business or your life

  • Learn what is really holding you back from going further

  • Discover how you can really let go and release that stumbling block

  • Deepen your connection to your spouse, children and friends

  • Increase income flowing into your business or household as well as increasing the amount you have to give (the outflow)


Further information


This event is limited to 10 people, enough for us to learn together but not so many that we’ll feel to afraid to be vulnerable; not too many that people will get lost.


Lunch and refreshments are included


We can’t wait to see you there

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