Every Monday @8pm for 6 weeks just click here: https://tinyurl.com/lovelockdowncourse

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Every Monday @8pm for 6 weeks here: https://tinyurl.com/lovelockdowncourse

Protect & Nourish Your Relationships During Lockdown.

This is a date night to remember, a life-changer.

Right now couples are spending more time than ever together. However they are doing so at a time of global panic: A time when finances are tighter than ever, work is forced to be done at a home, children are home educated and we’re not allowed to leave the house.

Across the globe the divorce rate is either already increasing or expected to. And it's no surprise.

Sure some families will thrive, but many will suffer and we want to help. As husbands and wives are isolated together it’s now more important than ever to take stock of your marriage. Use this time to really get to know one another, to tackle those underlying issues that are about to feel much bigger. To grow, in love; together.

This is a 6 week course, running each Monday at 8pm and finishing by 9pm.

With the current uncertainty, we are not charging for this event. However we do ask, that if you can afford to do so you make a small contribution. We're grateful either way. We look forward to being seen by you soon...

To 'attend' go to our brand new YouTube channel... Where you'll see nothing. Until Monday at 8pm. Subscribe or simply log in using this link each time: https://tinyurl.com/lovelockdowncourse