What is The 6 week Marriage Strengthening Course?

Firstly, the course is designed to support you in growing closer to your partner. It will help you to listen to one another and understand why each of you are the way you are. It takes place in your home with weekly homework, you will share your learnings with us each week and we will hep you go into more depth when needed. 


Ben has been working with individuals and couples for 8 years and is the sole author of this course. Ben will help you bring more unconditional love into your marriage so that you can experience the kind of relationship that grows stronger and happier by the day. 

Who's the Marriage Strengthening Course for?

If in your marriage you have faced or are facing any of these then The 6 Week Marriage Strengthening Course can help:

  • One of you has been unfaithful

  • You've lost the passion and feel more like friends

  • You have a young family and are struggling to find time to be a couple

  • You no longer feel a priority to your partner

  • You're unsure if you're partner still loves you

  • You're going through or have recently gone through a very stressful situation

How do we get started?

You can either take the Marriage Course quiz and The Marriage People will email you with a report and course start dates or you can book a call via the 'contact us' page.