• Ben Leppier

We found love in a hopeless place

Most of us have fallen in love at some point, usually with a partner in an intimate relationship. We were happy, loved spending time with them, the lit up our day, make us happy when we were sad, when they left we missed them and were desperately afraid of losing them. Most of us really feel that these feelings are an expression of us loving someone, but what happened? As every time we fall IN love we then fall out of love, so was it ever really TRUE love.

What does true love even mean? We all want to be loved and want to be loving, but the reason why so many relationships fail time after time after time, is that we go into a relationship to get and take love, when our partner usually hasn’t got it to give, so we get into empty bucket syndrome, where both partners hopelessly try and get what they need from someone who doesn’t have it to give, a recipe for disaster.

So what’s the solution? We find what we need from a safe unconditionally loving source, who needs nothing from us, so we can take love to the relationship rather than go and get it. Sounds great in principle, but where do I go to get it?

Start first with finding the real principles of happiness here at, then get in touch, send us an email, Facebook or pick up the phone, so you can learn more about how to find happiness that really lasts and never fall OUT of love again

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