• Ben Leppier

The well of water

When a relationship starts from a place of almost disrepair, with length of water under the bridge, everything literally starts from scratch. Quite often one partner leads the way to rebuild, one partner has to be willing to reach out their hand and offer love, else the relationship will continue to be an empty dry void.

One person has to be willing to go and get the water from the well and bring it back to the relationship, this never means that just because you have collected the water your partner will drink. We kill the chance of the free gift by expecting that they will drink the water, nope, we just keep bringing the water for as long as we are prepared to. It really is a challenge to do all of the work to go and get the love that we (& the relationship) need and to offer it and be prepared to have it thrown back in our face, at some point they may drink though, there may be a tiny breakthrough and a moment of REAL connection in the relationship, sometimes for the first time in years. In the end we all want to be happy and connected in our relationships/marriage it requires a brave soul to go and collect the water so both people don’t die of thirst.

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