• Ben Leppier

Building a stain glass window from a brick wall

When you find someone to really trust to care about your happiness/shine light on you, initially things don’t feel any different. It’s like shining light on a Brick wall. Very little light permeates the wall, it’s solid, dense and the light has very little impact.

When I first started helping Andy, he was as emotionally alive as a wall. The love he was receiving made minuscule differences, in fact you would notice very little difference in Andy if you spent time with him, but it WAS making a difference. Real Love really does chip away the plaster, hacks away the render, until the brick work is exposed. From this place the next layer (the wall) can begin to feel the healing effect of the light that is being poured on. It takes time, energy, care and trust to remove any layer of who we used to be, who we have pretended to be our whole lives, just to earn the acceptance and approval of others.

When we surrender completely to unconditional love, when we are willing to expose ALL of the layers of the brick work and the brick itself, then and only then do we have the chance for the light to pour through. The more we open up to the light, the stronger the light can become, eventually Andy found that he became like a beautiful piece of glass, stain glass, that shines brilliantly and comes to life to enrich everything around it.

You just have to find your source of light and you can enrich the lives of everyone that comes into contact with you too.

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