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Gifts you can give your partner for FREE this Christmas

I love Christmas! In fact I love the entire month of December, as soon as the tree is up, it’s Christmas in my book. Christmas to me, is the time of year where you can decorate and eat a gingerbread house. When you can drive around the streets at night time saying “ooooooh” and “aaaaahhh”, when the house looks different and food is even more indulgent. It is a time to remember those with less and those without. It’s a time of singing, baking, eating and giving. But it can also be a time of spending money on things that we really don’t need. Let’s face it if we want a new jumper past the age of 15, we just buy one. So instead of buying gifts this Christmas, try doing one or more of these. Spread some joy this Christmas and who know’s, it might change your relationship forever… 8 gifts you can give your partner (for free) this Christmas:

  1. Listen… Be honest, how well do you listen to your partner? And I mean really listen, without thinking about your to-do list or the person that just pissed you off? Try this: When your partner talks, stop what you’re doing, look at them and think only of what they are saying. Don’t interrupt and try not to make it about you. The gift of listening is huge and actually quite rare, try it and see how your partner looks and feels afterwards. (You could even demonstrate that you were listening by feeding back what they have said).

  2. Give time… I would personally take time over gifts any day. It doesn’t have to be “quality time” but get something in the diary for just the two of you. Don’t spend money, enjoy a meal at home, go for an “oooh and aaaah” drive, watch It’s a Wonderful Life while drinking hot chocolate. The possibilities are endless… Unlike our time together so give more, go go go.

  3. Do something your partner would appreciate. I’m a messy cow, it’s embarrassing and my partner hates mess. Whenever I tidy/clean the house he floats through it like he’s dreaming. It really does contribute to his happiness. I could surprise him with a spotlessly house clean (oh muuuum…) As for me, I appreciate more than anything, time on my own. I love having the house to myself, not to clean obviously… But to bake, cook, read, plan or just watch TV with a cuppa. What relaxes your partner? What makes them really happy? Do that!

  4. Kiss and cuddle. Do this more. And not just in a sexual way, try kissing and cuddling when you’re not thinking about your – or their – genitals. Touch, stroke and grab one another more. Make a conscious effort to find your partner and grab their hand (or bum), whatever you think would grab their fancy.

  5. Say kind words this Christmas. When you look at your partner build them up in your mind, think of all the amazing things they have done and continue to do. Think of all you love about them and then speak it. Tell your partner they are special, cherished and loved. Yummy.

  6. Complete one of their daily tasks. My husband works hard, not just when he’s at work but around the house too (see point no. 3). A gift to him might be doing the laundry more, completing a DIY task (hello YouTube), or offering to lighten his work load in some other way. For me, my husband could cook a meal, have a go at running the finances (OK not really), or take the kids off one evening… Like he has tonight (told you he worked hard).

  7. Be wrong. Being wrong is hard… I mean who doesn’t like being right?! But being right all the time can be really hard on your partner. You might not even realise you’re doing it. Some hints that you are: how important is it for your opinion to be heard? How often do you interrupt your partner when they are speaking? How often do you question the facts of what they are saying? Trust me, you like being right. But try being wrong a couple of times this Christmas and say those words to your partner… Dare you. I love it when my husband say’s “I am wrong” (and not just because that must mean I am right).

  8. Do what makes you happy. Not in a selfish way, in a way that your happiness will rub off. If you feel loved and happy you will be able to love and support your partner better. So for me this Christmas I will be spending time with those who I really love, I’ll be taking lots of hot showers and listening to music while singing like no-one is listening. Because the happier and more peaceful I am, the happier and more peaceful our home – and my husband – is.

Christmas really isn’t about gifts, you know that deep down… deep, deep down? It’s about giving yes, and it’s about love. Spread some Christmas joy this year by spreading some love using any of the above ideas or some of your own, if you have some, I’d love to hear. Let’s make this free gifts list gert massive!

Happy Christmas all x

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