• Kerry Leppier

Coronavirus: Start Building Up. Stop Tearing Down.

We work with couples and strengthen marriages. One of the earliest things we encourage couples to do is to build their partners up; to find the good in them. Think good of them in their minds and speak good of them with their mouths. Remember the good things that they do (and try to forgive their mistakes). We urge that they tell their partner that they are grateful for what they do; appreciate them. This is the start point of building a great marriage.

And so, people of Britain! We say the same to you:

Let's stop judging and berating those that are apparently not following the rules and let's build one another up. Let's look for the goodness in the world.

Every single person is doing their bit right now. Staying home whatever your circumstances will be bringing different challenges: We know; we speak to many different people and frankly we are in awe of you.

Well done.

Well done to those that have no choice but to work.

Well done to those that have a choice, those that have retired, those that could stay home but choose to work.

Well done to those on the front line

Well done to those risking their lives

Well done to those who are simply staying at home; you are also doing your bit to slow this down.

And to those who continue to go out, we forgive you. For reasons we do not know or understand you continue about your life perhaps known or unknown of the dangers to yourself (and others). Perhaps you are unaware of the scale of this pandemic. Perhaps you - for reasons not known to us - do not trust those in positions of authority. Perhaps you were raised in such a painful way that you just don't care. Perhaps people didn't care about you.

I don't actually know a single person who is ignoring the #stayhome regulations though I am sure they are out there. That means that a large majority of people are staying home and yet they are still reading posts that are telling people to "stay the f*ck home". How about more posts saying "thank you for staying home, well done for staying home, we'll beat this by staying home" and so on?

It is not just those on the front line who will beat this virus, just as it is not just thanks to social distancing. It is thanks to all of us. We are in this together. We are each doing our bit, and sometimes that looks like something small like compassion or forgiveness.

Take a look in the mirror and tell yourself you are doing enough. Look outside at the quieter streets, at the noisier birds and be grateful for all of those who are also doing enough. Use this as an opportunity to build community, not walls. Love one another, not hate. And teach our children the art of empathy, gratitude, grace and real connection.

There will be a cost to this pandemic whatever we do. Let's not let the price on our good human nature be high. Let's build one another up; you're doing great.

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