• Kerry Leppier

Finding Certainty, During Uncertain Times

One of the biggest challenges right now - and yes there are many - is the uncertainty. Not knowing what or who to believe, not knowing when Lockdown might strike, not knowing the truth, what you should do for the best, how the festive season will look and when this might all end.

Living with uncertainty is torture. It leaves you feeling powerless.

But you are not.

Here are some ways you might find comfort, certainty, even sanity as 2020 continues.

Help Someone Else

This isn't easy right now with Lockdowns and restrictions but there are always some means of supporting people. I'm personally planning to offer "Coaching and Coffee" for mums of young children for the small cost of a playgroup (who will be forced to temporarily close). This group of people for me are a priority because I understand their difficulties; I know first hand of their challenges and they have a place in my heart.

Who has a place in your heart and how can you help them right now?

Make Positive Changes In Your Life

Remember that while certain things are indeed out of your control, your choices are not. Think about how you might positively change your life, could you choose to live more simply? could you create new traditions? Could you shop more ethically? Could you use less, spend less? Could you work on being more present? More healthy?

Making positive changes in your own life, will decrease the feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and uncertainty; and what's more, it may even inspire changes in others.

Take Charge Of Your Own Pain

The worst thing you can do right now is deny or silence your struggles and emotional pain. And we all have it. Take charge of it by sharing it, talking about it, writing about it. Do whatever you can to not harbour your pain, don't suppress it, don't deny it. Talk about what's going on - and not just how the government are handling the situation, not the injustice - but how it's affecting you personally, and why.

Use this time to seek a deeper understanding of yourself. Coronavirus hasn't made you angry, afraid or rebellious, it has only bought these things to the surface for you. Getting in touch with your emotional pain isn't easy but when done with self-compassion, patience and if necessary, with professional help then amazing personal growth can occur.

Take Charge Of Your Personal Health & Wellbeing

The government and media aren't telling you what to eat, what exercise to do, how warm to have your showers, and whether to not to meditate. These things are well within your control -- and are very powerful for your immune system as well as for your emotional wellbeing. So if you aren't already, perhaps try eating well, moving lots, meditation, and occasionally immersing yourself in cold water. For in your choices to be healthy, not only is there a degree of certainty, but there is a strong sense of empowerment that is pretty much unmatched elsewhere.

Focus on all that you have

Take a look around at the things that you have that you are grateful for.

2020 has and can put a halt to your being able to see people, but it cannot change your love for them. There may be times when you cannot go outdoors but you still have a choice to appreciate the view of it. You may lose the freedom to attend events or play in the park, but you will never be told how to play indoors, what to order online, how many films you should watch or how your obstacle courses should be built. The reporting of news may leave you feeling hopeless and uncertain; but you always have the choice to not watch it.

Choose who you surround yourself with, choose what you watch and how you play.

Choose your physical and emotional health. Choose kindness, self-compassion, understanding and patience.

Choose Love.

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