• Kerry Leppier

So You Don't Think You're Strong?

Eleanor Roosevelt said: "A woman is like a teabag; you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water". And right now it's fair to say that most of the world is submerged in "hot water". We're all under some serious stress at the moment; yet I'm amazed at the strength that I see.

Grandparents, who are missing the babies in their life are staying at home; are discovering technology and are grateful for those virtual moments. They are yearning for those small hands to be in theirs; yet they are not complaining. Such strength.

Mothers, at home with their children full-time either working and perhaps wishing they didn't have to; or not working and perhaps wishing that they could. But again my Facebook news feed is flooded with family photo's, gardens, and huge uses of imagination at home. Such strength.

Fathers, suddenly home a lot more (some of them full time) getting a taste of life at home with small people. Some uncertain of their income, some terrified by it. And yet I read of them getting their homes up together, making memories with their children. Such strength.

Of course there are exceptions and often that is where I see even more strength. Those that cannot be at home full-time: Front line workers and key workers. Most, if not all of them would love to be at home right now, would love to not be in danger. They are tired, afraid and not feeling a priority. And yet they carry on. They go to work, they take care of - and serve - us. That is some damn strong tea bags.


Yes this is hard and these time are crazy. I have days (like yesterday) when I'm wishing the day would hurry to an end, where I feel depressed, lonely, afraid. And on those day's I don't try to change, I see them through. I apologise to my family for my energy and mood, and I forgive myself. These days do not make me weak, nor you. They make us human and suffering them makes us strong.

There is strength in me, in you; in us. Don't underestimate what you are doing, and what you are capable of.

Don't allow guilt to enter your home but welcome the sadness when it comes. Say "hi" to the loneliness and be kind to the depression. For these are a part of the process too. They cannot be avoided but they can be talked about. Emotions such as these can bring us closer to one another; and though they bring pain, so do they bring strength.

A decent cuppa is brewed in boiling hot water just as diamonds are formed under extreme pressure. You too will emerge from this with a renewed strength. You'll be different, we all will be; the world will be. I sure hope so.

Keep going diamond, we're in this together x

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