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Kids apparent immunity to Coronavirus -> NOT a phenomenon!

I think we would all agree that fear has a physically disabling effect similar to the effects of illness. Out of nearly 45,000 confirmed cases in China through February 11, there was only one death in someone younger than 20, according to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and no deaths among children younger than 10. I have 3 kids below age 10, although they know we are at home because of lockdown, its fun and it just does not feature as remotely important - so are they way more prepared? Yes.

Let’s take a look at some of the ‘maybe’ reasons why kids are not suffering the virus. I’ll keep this really simple (childlike tee hee):

1 Kids don’t thrive on fear. The BIG problem with fear is, it calls out more fear - it feeds on itself, it shuts down our bodies natural defences and adds pain to the body.

2 They don’t view fearful messages from media countless times per day - their consciousness is clear

3 They just don’t ‘think’ like adults do - good for them. They aren't addicted to their thinking.

4 They have a wonderful relationship with the present moment, what’s happening right now - not worried about what might happen

5 Their bodies aren’t full of crap - they don't drink alcohol, coffee or comfort eat like we do.

6 They don’t demand science (or government) to explain everything to make them feel safe

I am so confused about the absolute lack of ‘news’ about this particular ‘healthy kids’ epidemic I felt most obliged to write this post. To give evidence to my ‘report’ I have pasted and reviewed some news articles below and find myself in disbelief at them all:


The Guardian -

23rd March 2020

Article title: ‘Can kids catch coronavirus? What we know about Covid-19 and children’

Can children catch coronavirus?

Yes. They can be infected with and appear to be able to transmit coronavirus, even if they do not have symptoms. That is why it is important for children to practice social distancing and hand-washing, even if they do not appear ill.

Ben speaking: So basically No, they’re ok, even if children aren’t ill they ‘might be carriers’, but no effect on the carrier.

How does coronavirus affect children?

It is generally believed to cause milder symptoms in children, but the specific impacts by age are becoming clearer as the outbreak goes on.

Ben speaking: It doesn’t affect them, so we’ll say something vague. They’ll say - it hasn’t spiked yet, very soon.

Why does coronavirus affect children differently?

That remains unknown. Dr Jay C Butler, deputy director of infectious disease at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said, “The phenomenon is very significant,” on a live-streamed show hosted by the Journal of the American Medical Association, but that the mechanisms are “really unknown”.

I say: It’s a “phenomenon”? Nope no no it’s not. See my notes above to explain why it’s NOT a phenomenon.


New Scientist -

12th March 2020

Article title: 'How Does The Coronavirus Affect Kids? What We Know So Far About COVID-19 In Children'

Understanding why children are being spared is about more than scientific curiosity. “If we can somehow mimic the children’s immune system, using therapeutics or drugs, maybe it just becomes a mild infection even in adults,”

I say: Yes that’ll do it; MORE drugs into the body. How about a study to understand what constant exposure to fear does to the immune system? Hello? Hello, anybody???? Tumble weed...


Forbes -

13th March 2020

Article title: How Does The Coronavirus Affect Kids? What We Know So Far About COVID-19 In Children

I say: The article keeps coming back to sick adults or that kids can be carriers. So just more fear then, be afraid of kids...don’t learn from them, that would be stupid.

I encourage you to do some of your own research, not by reading more useless dross, but observe kids, learn from kids, breathe peace, try meditation, eat healthy food, exercise and pour love into your system/body. We could really improve our current defence against the virus by:

1 Shedding all of our fear - ALL of it, or at least starting to take responsibility for it, this might include speaking to people who know how to deal with fear, preferably people that are NOT afraid of what you are

2 Be more present - your family know if you are or not, ask them. This might look like taking 5 mins to have some silent time (silent in kind too), a guided meditation, ANYTHING to slow you down

3 Switching off all news (try it for 48 hrs) - because your body does NOT need it, we have no vaccine, we might not need one, there is so much we can do to fight it naturally.

4 Eat healthy, sleep well, exercise; even if its a walk

5 Connect with nature, we don't all need to be Wim Hoff, but we can do as he says: nature doesn't have or need hospitals

If you need any personal support just get in touch, we would love to hear from you


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