Some outstanding watching and reading for you

The Heart of man

A beautiful documentary of how our choices and pain can lead to a lifetime of misery, self destruction and family destruction.

Listening to shame:

Shame is a topic that almost everyone is affected by, most of us never ever want to talk about it and hope in doing so eliminate it, unfortunately we don't. Listen to shame with Brene.

The Work:

A must watch movie every man and his dog MUST watch. 

A new earth:

Eckhart Tolle and Oprah have an indepth conversation regarding the principles of Tolles ground breaking book 'A new earth'. This book is magnificent. It is TRULY ground breaking and a must read for anyone who wants to create their own new earth. Separating yourself from the noise of the old into a life in the new.

True self false self:

Father Richard Rohr one of Bens persoanl heroes, opens up the subject of true self false in this easy to watch interview. The metaphor makes the understanding easier on the brain. Lots of helpful books and resources from Richard and they can all be accessed as well as daily emails from the Centre for action and contemplation

Power of vulnerability:

Another startlingly wonderful ted talk from Brene Brown. Vulnerability is something that generally speaking women are able to grasp. We help men access this place of freedom and fulfillment so its no longer bewildering and scary.

Charlie Mackesy:

We absolutely adore this man and the impact he has had on our life from his book - The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse. You must get a copy.