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The Marriage People get to the root of your marriage problems so that you can immediately start to deal with the issues that are causing you both pain.

Marriage isn't easy, nor should it be. It takes work and commitment, it takes compassion and understanding, and it takes appreciation, patience and love. None of these things were likely taught to you by your parents or teachers, it's something you need to learn.


And that's where the Marriage People can help. As trained coaches we are adept at listening to the two of you and then teaching you new ways of being in a loving marriage. We help you with listening and communicating better, we support you while you work on appreciating one another more and we show you new ways to love - and find intimacy - in your marriage.


It might sound too good to be true, but did you ever imagine yourselves here when you said the words: "I do"? Of course not. And so although you might feel like your problems are insurmountable, like you've done all you can already, allow us to show you more. Allow us to work together to save your marriage.

Thanks to technology, most of our coaching takes place online, which means you get to work on your marriage from the comfort of your own home - and quickly.

  • No travel time

  • No parking costs

  • No rushing to arrive

We don't even mind if you're in your pj's (though we try very hard not to be in ours)

We offer monthly Skype coaching which includes unlimited email support in addition to weekly calls. This way you feel:

  • Supported

  • Encouraged

  • Safe

For a quicker breakthrough we also offer a two day retreat here in The Forest of Dean where you'll have the opportunity to spend time together, away from the usual distractions of everyday life giving your marriage the attention and time it really deserves and very likely needs. To read full details click here.

Marriage Guidance


Here at The Marriage People we speak to couples who have been where you are right now. We understand the pain that love can bring; and the loneliness that occurs in many marriages. 

But we also know the potential of a marriage that is worked on; with guidance and support your marriage can reach its potential - you can find a real connection and a rich happiness. 

We know that asking for help is a big step, but you're here so that's the first step taken. Next, simply send us an email or call us directly on 07947 625074 and we'll talk through your options. It's going to be OK. 

Couples all over the UK trust us to fix, support and guide their marriage to new strengths. Depending on what you need, we can help couples with

  • Parenting differences and/or challenges

  • A lack of intimacy

  • Anger from one or both partners

  • A drifting apart

  • Addictions

  • Infidelity

And more.

When you change your marriage, you change your life. Start today by calling The Marriage People